The aim of this immersion

I confess: things worked out quite well with the ‘marketing mix’, an approach disseminated by McCarthy in the 60s. However, today’s customers are quite different from the former East German customers. Today competitors copy each other in a matter of days. Moreover, we have science to run businesses better. Yes, that’s true: science in business management!

And I’m not just talking about marketing research which detects how the body reacts to new ads or packaging (this type of studies are generally called ‘neuromarketing’). When talking about science,
I refer to neuroscience that provides managers with a sound base to devise products, services, brands and customer experiences in a way that they please the customer’s brain.

It can be called ‘brain-pleasing marketing’! It is what top managers should use in order to make their customers feel a positive sentiment towards their brand and what they sell.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of this e-laboratory, participants should be able to:

  1. Get – in a practical and experiential way – competences to innovate by using latest generation marketing.
  2. How to innovate through a brain-pleasing marketing strategy by using the most cutting-edge methods, combining learnings from neuroscience and other disciplines, like psychology, digitisation and semiotics.
  3. Take advantage of the interaction and networking with managers of different sectors and backgrounds.
  • How to understand customers, their life-related pain points and context, including the impacts of the hyperconnected society.

  • Understanding how the brain makes purchasing decisions.

  • How to create their preference to your ideas, services or products by using a marketing based on neuroscience.

  • The sequential process for customer-centric innovation using Brain-pleasing Marketing methods.

  • How to shape brain-pleasing solutions (products / services / customer experiences).

  • How to be felt as different: the city of the emotions.

  • More efficient brain-pleasing communication and persuasion.

  • OnOff customers and its implications in OnOff marketing.


People with decision-making capacity in their company.

For example:
  • ⭕ CEO
  • ⭕ Marketing Director
  • ⭕ Sales Director
  • ⭕ Innovation Director
  • ⭕ Human Resources Director
  • ⭕ Trade Marketing Manager

Game Changers in general.

Start up iniciators.


Any sector, including industry, services, technologies, retail, FMCG, fashion, etc.

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Transformational e-laboratory

In the current OnOff digital context, a great collaborative method is between Neuroscience-based marketing and Business transformation or innovation.

“Very interesting topics, changing completely the way we are looking to our customers. For sure, interesting experience and innovative approach.” Andreea Butaru, BASF, Marketing Communication Team Leader

“I heard about Lluis and I was trying to imagine how the course will go, but it was above my imagination. The way he presented, insisted on every point, it is very helpful for me in order to understand on how to apply it in our business. Great, great speaker! Wonderful human!” Ovidia Popescu, Baneasa Developments, Campaign Coordinator

“The Neuromarketing workshop was a very interesting experience as we studied fresh ideas about applying marketing techniques to build a product. It is a great way to understand how to fine-tune my day to day proposition job and to spot the misleading spots.”
Costin Dragulinescu, Orange Romania, TV Marketing Manager

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Lluis Martinez-Ribes

Innovation Expert and Associate professor at Esade Business School Barcelona.

“Theory and practice are like two sides of the same coin”. This way is how Lluis experiments and lives it in his daily life through his academic career, and his experience as marketing activator of business teams.

In order to create a strong impact on market, his approach to marketing is inspired by and centred in customers. To obtain such business transform he applies latest generation marketing, that includes fields like neuroscience, digitisation, psychology, semiotics, or others.

Where does the e-laboratory take place?

We will use a combination between 3 tools


As a participant, you only need your laptop in order to participate in the e-Laboratory

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